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      Better Together – Tech-Enabled Transaction Coordinators

      Better Together – Tech-Enabled Transaction Coordinators

      You see,?I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs follow this idea like it’s some kind of commandment:

      “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

      Can you relate?

      Imagine if you could delegate, automate, or eliminate many of the tasks you’re not good at or dislike? What would happen to your business?

      We’ve created a white paper worksheet to help our associates easily calculate the value of their time. If you would like a copy, email me at [email protected]. You see, many of our associates have an hourly time value of $100.00 or more. So, here’s my question, “is what you are working on right now worth $25.00 an hour, $50.00 or $150.00 an hour.”

      When you work on activities and tasks that are at or above your hourly rate, breakthroughs begin. The rest?

      Automate, delegate, or eliminate.

      We’ve partnered with the nation’s first countrywide transaction coordination service – transactly. Why? It’s proven to save over 15 hours per file for our real state professionals. That’s time that can be spent in negotiations, customer service, and business development.

      When you delegate your real estate transaction file management, you’ll not only have a dedicated transaction coordinator but an entire tech-enabled company supporting you.? Checking contracts for accuracy and completeness, arranging inspections, appointments, and signatures are just a few of the things you can delegate with confidence. The result?

      Better utilization of your time and better service to your clients and closing partners.

      So what do you get?

      Experience & Peace Of Mind

      You get a team with years of experience in managing and closing real estate transactions.


      Your transaction coordinator, and a full support team, is available to help you seven days a week.


      Track progress and know where things are at all times, through our secure transaction platform.


      Responsiveness and proactive updates during your transactions, all the way to closing.

      Consider letting go of some of the things so you can spend more time in your genius zone.?CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke, Business Consultants and Authors of?The Beauty of Conflict, recommend taking an honest look at how you are spending your time through a four-zone model.

      What Are The 4 Zones?

      • Zone Of Incompetence?– you don’t do these things well. Better to eliminate, automat,e, or delegate.
      • Zone of Competence?– ?you can do these things but don’t like them much.?Better to eliminate, automate, or delegate.
      • Zone of Excellence?– you are very good at these things. They bring you success, but they don’t make your heart sing.
      • Zone of Genius?– you love doing these things, you do them well, and they give you the highest ratio of abundance and satisfaction to the amount of time invested.

      What type of workplace you in your genius zone? Do more of that! Then consider what you can delegate, automate, or eliminate this week? Like all of your transaction file coordination.

      This week is YOURS,?own it!

      Back to Basics – 4 Tried & True Ways to Win

      Back to Basics – 4 Tried & True Ways to Win

      Fundamentals matter… let me share a story.?

      It was July of 1961, and the 38 members of the Green Bay Packers football team were gathered together for the first day of training camp. The previous season had ended with a heartbreaking defeat when the Packers squandered a lead late in the 4th quarter and lost the NFL Championship to the Philadelphia Eagles.

      The Green Bay players had been thinking about this brutal loss for the entire off-season, and now, finally, training camp had arrived, and it was time to get to work. The players were eager to advance their game to the next level and start working on the details that would help them win a championship.

      Their coach, Vince Lombardi, had a different idea.

      Lombardi took nothing for granted. He began a tradition of starting from scratch, assuming that the players were blank slates who carried over no knowledge from the year before… He began with the most elemental statement of all:

      Gentlemen, this is a football!

      Lombardi was coaching a group of three dozen professional athletes who, just months prior, had come within minutes of winning the biggest prize their sport could offer. And yet, he started from the very beginning.

      Lombardi’s systematic coverage of the fundamentals continued throughout the training camp. Each player reviewed how to block and tackle. They opened up the playbook and started on page one. His team would become the best in the league at the tasks everyone else took for granted.

      Six months later, the Green Bay Packers beat the New York Giants 37-0 to win the NFL Championship.

      Is this your season to get back to basics?

      Fundamental One: Pick Up Your Phone

      Schedule time this month to contact your database and check-in. Find out what’s new and remind them that you are never too busy for them. Be ready to with some current market facts, how things are going in your area, any new community events or initiatives. A great source of content is available at

      Fundamental Two: Throw a Party

      The post-holiday party let down is real! There’s always a reason to get your past clients, prospects, and friends together to show them appreciation. You could host a charity event, valentine’s day event, or even a March madness party. It does not need to be complicated, just fun.

      Consistency is a sales strategy… a hope and a wish are not! Are you leaving too much to chance, or are you committed to getting back to proven winning fundamentals? The football season is over, yet you can have a winning season by executing consistently on the fundamentals.?

      Fundamental Three: Write a Note

      A lost art is writing a personal note! Writing a note establishes a more personal level of connection. Even if you just write something as easy as “Happy February!” A handwritten note will go a long way in keeping you top of mind.?

      Fundamental Four: Stop by With a Gift

      Face-to-face is powerful with clients at any time of the year. I once worked with an agent that always had boy and girl gift baskets in the car that he dropped off anywhere he saw the “stork!” Get creative and stop by with anything of value, and you will not only build a relationship yet also stay top of mind.?

      A hope and a wish are NOT sales strategies… consistency is. Are you leaving too much to chance or getting consistent on the fundamentals??

      The football season may be over yet that does not mean you can’t have a winning season by focusing on the fundamentals.?


      Episode 41: Success From Scratch

      Episode 41: Success From Scratch

      Today Mike Porter, JPAR Austin, TX shares his secrets to success in real estate sales serving over 32 families to buy, sell or invest in real estate annually. Mike shares how there have been a few times he wanted to “throw in the towel” and how he overcame those ups and downs. Mike uses kvCore to stay organized and accountable. He also shares other secrets he uses – like BuySide Home Valuations and Cole Resources – to stay focused and relevant in today’s marketplace.

      Learn more by watching NOW.

      “There is always a way to achieve the dream of home ownership!” ~ Mike Porter, JPAR Austin, TX

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