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      The Number One Habit To Develop – Become An Anteater!

      The Number One Habit To Develop – Become An Anteater!

      My acquaintance Dr. Danial Amen wrote about his experience with ants. After a hard day at the office, he arrived home and found thousands of ants in his kitchen as he started to clean them up, an acronym developed in his mind – ANTs.?

      Just like the infested kitchen, his patients’ brains were also overrun by ANTs. Yet ants in a different sense:?Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs).? And those thoughts were robbing them of their joy and stealing their happiness.

      He started teaching his patients how to eliminate all of the ANTs because that’s what fuels negativity.

      Every single time you have a thought, your brain releases chemicals.

      Dr. Amen determined that every time you have a sad, hopeless, mad, cranky, unkind, judgmental, or helpless thought, your brain immediately releases chemicals that make your body feel awful. Your hands get cold and wet, your muscles get tense, your heart beats faster, and your breathing becomes shallower. Additionally, the activity in your frontal and temporal lobes decreases, which negatively affects your judgment, learning, memory.

      The opposite is also true – whenever you have a happy, hopeful, loving, kind, or positive thought, your brain releases an entirely different set of chemicals. Your hands get warmer and dryer, your breathing becomes more profound and more regular, your muscles relax, your blood pressure decreases, and your brain works better.

      So, if you want to eradicate negativity from your life, work on disciplining your mind to get rid of the ANTs and developing ANTeaters to patrol the streets of your account. (Side note: 2 of my sons our University of California (UCI) Anteaters!)??

      Just as there are many species of ants in the world, there are different kinds of negative thought patterns (ANTs). Dr. Amen outlined a few we felt we all should learn to identify:


      The masterful art of predicting the worst, even though you don’t have any evidence.


      Where you arbitrarily believe that you know what someone else is thinking, even though they didn’t tell you. Many people do this, and more often than not, it gets them into trouble. It’s a significant reason why people have difficulty in relationships. I call it false projecting!


      Thinking with words like should, must, ought, and have to. The words we use to talk to ourselves are significant. Guilt is a good motivator for change. Telling yourself, “I should go see my grandmother” rather than “I want to spend time with my grandmother,” only serves to make you feel negative.


      Whenever you blame someone else for the problems in your life, you are a victim, and you can’t do anything to change it. Many of us play the blame game, but it rarely helps us. Stay away from blaming thoughts and take personal responsibility for changing the problems you have.


      Calling yourself or someone else a derogatory name. This diminishes your ability to see situations clearly, and labels can be very harmful.

      So now that you have met some of the ANTs that rob you of your happiness and peace of mind, what do you do about them?

      Whenever you find yourself feeling mad, sad, nervous, or out-of-control, write down what you are thinking. Then identify which ANT species is infesting your mind and talk back to it.

      Challenging negative thoughts (killing the ANTs) takes away their power and gives YOU control over your thoughts, moods, and behaviors.

      The cool thing is we all get to choose how we play the game and learning how to kill the ANTs and develop an internal ANTeater is a great choice!?

      Check out his book,? The Brain Warrior’s Way


      We All Could Use A Little More Certainty

      We All Could Use A Little More Certainty

      The paradox is this: we need both uncertainty and certainty in our business and our lives. I’m sure you would agree – without a doubt – we are in uncertain times.

      It seems at this moment in time; we have more uncertainty than certainty.

      So how can we create a little more certainty?

      Get Clear On What You Really Want?

      • Create a picture of what it is that you truly want
      • Does this excite you?
      • Does it move you emotionally?
      • Envision it, see how it makes you feel
      • These steps help you regain balance and drive

      Connect Emotionally With Your Why.

      • Getting clear on the purpose of what you want
      • You know you found it when your purpose resonates and moves you emotionally
      • When you feel stuck or lost, two questions:
        • “If I don’t do this, this is what it will cost me,” or
        • “If I do this, then this is what I can gain.”

      Make It Part Of Everyday!

      • Create your daily action checklist and follow it
      • What’s the ONE routine you must do every day to win the day?
        • Like your P.E.D.S.
          • Prayer
          • Exercise
          • Diet
          • Sleep
        • What’s are the critical activities that move the needle?
          • Marketing that creates NEW appointments
          • Building and maintaining relationships
          • Servicing existing clients and prospects
          • Anticipating and solving problems BEFORE they arise
          • Completing that project
        • Place it all in your calendar and protect your time blocks

      Have you ever worked backward from Friday? At the end of the week, you are sitting down and looking back… what would make this week great? Vision that and block your calendar accordingly. I like to say work backward from yes!

      If you show up for the day with no structure in your calendar and decide to do “urgent” tasks like returning calls and texts and checking Facebook, those activities will expand and eat up all the time you hoped to devote to more “important” activities. You will end the day unfulfilled and have more uncertainty.

      We know that work will expand to the time you give it! So assign time blocks to every task. And remember DONE is better than PERFECT every time!

      The best way I’ve found to make the “important” significant – and create more certainty in all that you do – is to prioritize them and build them into your calendar first.

      Are you tired of not getting what you want? If so, you might want to read this?article about?Mario Lemieux.

      What is your next step?

      “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” ~ Stephen Covey

      4 quadrants

      The Top 1%

      The Top 1%

      As we celebrate Memorial Day, as we honor those who have fallen, we are reminded that freedom isn’t free. One of my traditions about this time each year is watching “Taking Chance.” A touching story about one marine escorting a fellow marine on his final trip home.

      Another movie came to mind: “Rudy.” Rudy is a true story about persistence, tenacity, grit, and football. A football game isn’t won on the field. The game is won in the days, weeks, and even months leading up to the actual game. The game is won in preparation. Watching films of previous games, memorizing plays, hitting the gym, eating correctly, and even getting enough sleep.

      Professional real estate sales is no different.

      I’ve been spending some time with our top 1% documenting what they do. Curious?

      Here are the top six things our top 1% do consistently:

      • They do their research & marketing.
      • They’re genuinely interested in and understand others’ personality style.
      • They’re prepared for anything, especially the objections and most frequently asked questions.
      • They leave their ego in the car.
      • They are a master of managing expectations.
      • They debrief and learn from every situation.

      Research and Marketing

      We know from the National Association of REALTORS? that 63% of consumers find us through a referral from a friend or a past business relationship. And 68% of consumers choose us based on our perceived trustworthiness, experience, and reputation.

      Top producers know these numbers and invest their time, energy, and effort into where the business is most likely to be generated.

      Genuine Interest

      What we have observed from top producers to those struggling is glaring. Top producers genuinely care about the relationship while those struggling care about making a buck.

      We use a unique system called B.A.N.K. to pinpoint anyone’s personality in nanoseconds. It’s fun, engaging, and creates instant rapport. Crack your code now, it’s easy:

      This high emotional intelligence approach leverages the best assessment tools, high-energy training, and cutting-edge technology to maximize results.

      Leave Nothing To Chance

      Our top performers rehearse or role-play frequently; many do this every day! Here are some tips I picked up:

      • Make a list of every question, concern, or objection that your prospect might bring up. Create a list of everything that could go wrong.
      • Develop a clear, logical, and persuasive response to every possible question, concern, and objection.
      • Think of how you can get ahead of these circumstances by using stories and anecdotes, case studies and testimonials, statistics, and facts.
      • Have your information, ideas, and documentation well organized so you can reference the appropriate notes and materials at any time.


      Gary Vaynerchuk put it well: “When you care more about the other person than you care about hitting your quota – when you make that shift – you go into the Jedi-ness of becoming a great salesperson.”

      The professional real estate salesperson with a massive ego can easily mistake refusal with rejection. When you make this mistake, it’s all too easy to take it personally. The truth? Far more people will say no than say yes.

      So, how do you deal with this?

      Our top 1% have learned not to internalize rejection. Top performers exert power over their emotions and know this is a critical skill to master.

      Managing Expectations

      As the Chief Executive of a large organization, I get the problems that others have not solved. And literally, I’ve been tracking these and guess what – they all have a common root. Uneven expectations!

      Many things have to happen, often in a specific sequence, before a transaction closes. Do you know what these things are? Do you know where you’re at in the process with each client, prospect, and partner?

      1. Seek to understand what has come before each step
      2. Don’t assume everyone knows what will happen next
      3. Anticipate needs before others
      4. Communicate constantly and clearly
      5. Under-promise and over-deliver


      Debriefing is a structured learning process designed to evolve plans while they’re being executed continuously. It originated in the military as a way to learn quickly in rapidly changing situations and to address mistakes or changes in the field. Infact I shared this document with my team – glad to be here – after the Blue Angels flew over Dallas.

      In business, debriefing has been widely documented as critical to accelerating projects, innovating novel approaches, and hitting challenging objectives. It also brings a team together, strengthens relationships, and fosters team learning.

      Our top producers have this concept mastered and execute this discipline more often than others. As such, these high performing teams are more tight-knit than those who don’t.

      The game is won or lost way before you step on the playing field. So, before you play in sales again, do your research, be genuinely interested in others, be prepared for anything, leave your ego in the car and become a master of managing expectations. Finally – just like the Blue Angels – debrief and learn from every situation.

      Are You Getting The Results You Desire?

      Are You Getting The Results You Desire?

      With 12 weeks remaining in 2019, the question I’m asking is, “are you getting the results you desire?” Whether that answer is yes, no, or maybe, today’s blog will help close the year strong.?

      If extraordinary results are a product of your actions, to sell more than I suggest ignoring your sales goals and trust the process. Say what!? Let me explain.?

      We all feel the pressure to generate results. What if the source of lost sales is focusing too much on the RESULT than the PROCESS? Doing more of the wrong things pushes you away from your goals. The finish line isn’t where the race begins.?

      Top performers prepare to win by becoming more process vs. result-driven.?

      When the movie Moneyball came out, it introduced how subtle changes to player lineups can dramatically impact how teams interact and perform. If you understand the data behind those nuances, you can improve your odds of success significantly. The same principle applies to real estate sales.?

      “Trust the process, you must.” – Yoda

      The purpose of all your real estate marketing is to produce more appointments. Appointments are your moneyball. What processes do you have in place to create consistent quality appointments or referrals each week? Whatever marketing method you choose, consider this:?

      • Forty conversations lead to…?
      • Four appointments that lead to…
      • One, two, and in some cases three signed contracts.??

      What you measure, you manage. Regardless of the stage you’re in your sales cycle, the best salespeople have a success formula they trust. That includes a formula around the right amount of tracked, quality activities. Simply put, are you measuring the number of conversations you have, that produce appointments??

      Stop focusing on WHAT you do & start focusing on HOW you do it.

      The most important metric to track in your marketing and sales effort is the number of discovery meetings or appointments you set. Your ability to set the appointment is critical to your success. Of course, what you do and say during those meetings has a tremendous impact on your sales efforts, and whether they are productive and effective. But the essential piece of the puzzle is just setting enough appointments in the first place.?

      A couple of tips to drive more appointments:

      • Reach out during “off hours.”
      • Use multiple media – I once made an important meeting via SnapChat
      • Follow marketing’s lead – home value reports, market reports, and how to or community guides.”
      • Leverage referrals
      • Master the key questions?
        • Are you curious about the new value of your home?
        • Have you had any thoughts of selling?
        • At what price would you become a seller?
        • Just curious, do you know anyone interested in selling or investing in Real Estate??
      • Ask more often?

      Next steps? Align Your Actions and Behaviors:

      • Know your daily number
      • Roleplay/practice daily with a partner?
      • Daily prospecting for referrals and appointments??
      • Weekly Open Houses?
      • Geographic and Demographics Mailers and Events?
      • Track and report your numbers daily, weekly
      • Change the process and behavior or change the goal?

      Process-driven people are more consistent in their results. They are intentional about everything they do, and how they do it, rather than living in a constant state of reaction, pushing for the results.


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